April 21st, 2014


Update on updates. Conventions I will be going too as well!

So just letting you guys have a heads up, updates on the comic for now and May will be sporadic.

There are two reasons.

First, I originally wanted to do this small story arch as a two part, but I’ve decided to make it a single part. Kinda like a double-sized issue kind of thing. I was originally going to separate it into two parts, but I realized the second part probably wouldn’t have enough to fill 20 pages. Also originally, I was going to finish the 20 pages, and then start working on the next 20, but I will be just drawing the parts as a I go. I am also doing this to set up a buffer until I have this story arch done.

Second, FanimeCon in San Jose, CA is coming up and I am tabling in the artist alley. I also need to get prints and stuff set up for the convention. If you guys do make it out there, come by and get some free stuff. I will probably sell a 20 page issue of Ghost Operators there too. It would be a cool neat thing to see this in print, even though it’s only 20 pages, but 20 pages is around the standard issue length.

I will also be going to AnimeExpo down in Los Angeles during July, and later APE in San Francisco.

lateness update

sorry there was a lack of updates last week. I was working on some animation stuff for grad school.

anyways check it out.


bios preview


here is a quick preview of what is going to go into the database.


going start naming these sketch dumps

preview stuff